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Growing together

We assume corporate responsibility along the entire supply chain and advocate for fair working conditions and binding environmental standards in our production facilities. In order to achieve this, our OLYMP shirts are produced by only a limited number of partners in Asia and South Eastern Europe, with whom we have a long-term, close and trusting partnership. 
Our commitment towards sustainable and fair production stems from our deeply ethical attitude. And from the belief that high quality products can only be produced in a clean and safe working environment and by satisfied workers.
For this reason, we have been setting standards in relation to the supply chain that go beyond those that are common for our sector.

Supply chain, transparency, partnership

Transparency is an essential factor if a company is to become more sustainable and build trust. This is why we disclose details of our supply chains. We give customers, suppliers, the media, NGOs and the interested public the option of examining working conditions and environmental standards at our partner production facilities.

Social responsibility along the supply chain

OLYMP stands not only for premium product quality but also for social responsibility and fair working conditions. We consistently require our partner facilities to comply with globally applicable, respected and binding social standards. Compliance with our requirements is examined and audited at regular intervals by independent audit bodies.

Environmentally friendly production

At OLYMP, environmental protection along the entire value chain is just as important as good working conditions. Together with our partners, including those in developing and emerging countries, we have made great progress over the past years and have introduced effective measures for establishing sustainable production conditions. Certified, of course!

A more environmentally friendly production is an important component of our sustainability label GREEN CHOICE

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