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Design classics for business and leisure.

A firm favourite of men in OLYMP, checks are an important feature in the wardrobe of fashion-conscious men. Checked shirts can be easily integrated into a fashionable outfit to add a decorative element and, depending on colour, fabric and weave design, can create an elegant or a casual look.


Regardless of whether you choose a gingham check, glen check, micro check, small check, houndstooth check, large gingham check, lumberjack check, tartan or other check, when correctly combined with the other elements in an outfit, checks never fail to add a special touch to the overall look. And those who think that wearing a checked suit is going one step too far, can still create a very stylish look by wearing a checked shirt.


When it comes to suitable styles for the office, small checks are a popular choice as they produce a very sophisticated appearance. On the other hand, larger checks are a great choice for leisure time. In addition to the different ways in which the threads are interlaced during the weaving process to produce the desired squares, the yarn colours and fabric type also play an important role when it comes to deciding whether the checked design conforms with the dress code at the workplace or is more suitable for wearing after work.


But whatever the design of shirt - plain, striped, checked or printed - and whatever the colour, it is always the same parameters which ultimately lead us to decide which garment achieves the desired effect. Cut, fabric quality and standard of workmanship should therefore also be taken into consideration in the choice of clothing.


The optimum fit is also essential with regard to checked shirts. The OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Tendenz, OLYMP Level Five, OLYMP No. Six, OLYMP Casual and OLYMP Level Five Casual ranges are ideal as the shirt dimensions are tailored to suit different requirements. From comfort fit to the slightly tailored regular fit and modern fit, right through to the slim and highly tapered styles such as body fit and super slim - OLYMP shirts cater for a whole range of physiques.


When it comes to fabric, styles in cotton or a cotton blend with a low elastane content are an excellent choice. These feel great on the skin and even when you’ve had a very long day, still feel extremely comfortable. When the temperatures are cool, qualities such as flannel and twill are popular, whilst the breathable and airy properties of linen or a linen cotton mix are ideal during the warmer times of year. Allowing men in OLYMP to stay cool even when the temperatures soar, whilst their colleagues who wear less breathable clothing feel the heat.