"Here is the shirt that combines the best of our experience to date and perfectly conveys the style and character of the wearer. Right down to its refined details. The mark of character – and perfection. OLYMP SIGNATURE."

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OLYMP SIGNATURE: Premium shirts

With the SIGNATURE range, OLYMP is presenting the ultimate premium shirt - for men who appreciate understated elegance and have an instinctive feel for the highest quality. OLYMP SIGNATURE is a shirt which makes no compromises when it comes to every component and every detail. The shirt you can wear like no other.


It begins with innovative premium cotton fabrics manufactured from particularly fine yarns. This creates the perfect combination: high quality materials plus exceptional comfort. What’s more, with OLYMP SIGNATURE each individual size is cut and styled to individual dimensions, so the shirt fits perfectly - as if tailor-made. Add to this the attributes you have come to expect from OLYMP – excellent easy-iron and easy-care properties.


The finest details provide the perfect finishing touches. OLYMP SIGNATURE shirts are tailored with all the skill and techniques of accomplished craftsmanship - they feature the finest handmade lap seams and buttonholes which are formed using an intricate purl buttonhole stitch. The genuine mother-of-pearl buttons are polished and have lightly rounded backs to ensure smooth fastening. They are sewn on using a fine crow's-foot stitch and finally shanked for stability. All in the time-honoured Neapolitan tradition.


The collar on an OLYMP SIGNATURE shirt is manufactured so that it offers the necessary sturdiness, but also has a soft, generously proportioned interlining. The neckline sits a little lower than usual in the vicinity of the top button, offering noticeably increased comfort, with or without a tie.


This enhanced comfort applies to all collar designs which are offered: SIGNATURE Kent, SIGNATURE small Kent, SIGNATURE cutaway and SIGNATURE button-down. The various styles of shirt feature specific collar designs. The SIGNATURE band and the formal SIGNATURE wing round off the collar range perfectly.


The shoulders are also tailored to ensure maximum freedom of movement. The back yoke is split and the armholes are cut straight - allowing the arms to move freely without the shirt becoming tight or untucked.


And last, but not least, the cuff design enhances the level of comfort even more. The cuffs have a generously rounded edge and the button is deliberately positioned closer to the sleeve - enabling the cuff to independently slip over the watch without the wearer feeling a thing.


An OLYMP SIGNATURE shirt cannot be improved; its look can merely be completed – with an expertly arranged tie. OLYMP SIGNATURE offers these premium ties in three qualities of fabric: pure new wool, an exquisite silk/cotton fabric and the finest Italian silk with a particularly high thread density.


An OLYMP SIGNATURE tie teamed up with an OLYMP SIGNATURE shirt - the mark of perfection. Showcasing style with a difference. Fashionable in terms of fabrics, design and look. Men who embrace individuality appreciate this to the full. OLYMP SIGNATURE expresses the personality of the wearer to perfection.