OLYMP Soirée


Gala shirts of refined elegance for special occasions offer extravagant details such as borders, double cuffs or concealed button panels and are – as you would expect of a genuine OLYMP Luxor – non-iron and wrinkle-free. Comfort fit or modern fit. In the non-iron range OLYMP Luxor or the form-fitting cut of OLYMP Level Five.

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OLYMP Soirée

Stylish shirts for special occasions

Men in OLYMP don’t dance at every celebration. But they always cut a fine figure at these special occasions. With OLYMP Soirée. These elegant wedding shirts and gala shirts in the OLYMP Luxor or OLYMP Level Five ranges, with their extravagant details such as double cuffs, concealed button panels and borders, create exceptional design highlights.


Perfect for the opera, a wedding and any other special celebration. The gala shirts in the OLYMP Soirée range have precisely the right collar width for any occasion, as well as the perfect collar style to match. From the fashionable cutaway for larger tie knots through to subtle wing collars for a stylish bow tie, there’s a collar style to suit every special occasion - including of course the New Kent, the New York Kent, the tab and the button-down. These shirts come in a range of fits which is just as varied: OLYMP Soirée is available in comfort fit, modern fit and in the slim, tapered body fit cut. Everyone celebrates occasions in a different way. But in OLYMP Soirée every man will always look elegant.


It all comes down to the special nuances. Precisely on those occasions when the dress code demands uniformity. OLYMP Soirée perfectly masters the interplay of sophisticated tones. White, beige, light beige - whichever of these highly sophisticated colours men in OLYMP choose, they are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. OLYMP Soirée shirts therefore not only set the benchmark in terms of a design style which can be perceived and understood, they also make a clear fashion statement.


And when the celebration goes on for longer than expected, OLYMP Soirée shirts have no problem proving their exceptional powers of endurance. Firstly, because they capture the attention with their elegant double cuffs when, as the evening progresses, not only the atmosphere but also the buttoned cuffs and the tie knots become more relaxed. And secondly, because OLYMP Soirée shirts in the OLYMP Luxor style will maintain their wrinkle-free appearance and outshine all the other shirts which have already started to look a bit crumpled well before the evening reaches its finale.


The secret behind the immaculate appearance of OLYMP Soirée shirts is the outstanding quality and excellent shape retention of the fabric: the non-iron gala shirts in the OLYMP Luxor range are made from 100% cotton, whilst the fitted styles in the OLYMP Level Five ranges offer business comfort stretch as they also have a 3% content of stretchable XLA Elastolefin. In each case, the fabrics are kind to the skin, breathable and certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This guarantees exceptional comfort right through to the last cocktail and beyond.


Just a few more words on the details: these demonstrate the true quality of the shirts. From the elegant fabrics, to the concealed button panels and right through to the separate button on the sleeve vent, OLYMP is the perfect master of dress codes for special occasions.


You’re sure to have another special occasion to attend very soon. Make OLYMP Soirée your perfect partner. Simply select the shirt you’d like, check it’s in the right size, place it in the shopping basket and go to the checkout. Buying shirts has never been as easy for men in OLYMP - and those aspiring to become men in OLYMP.