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Ties, pocket squares and bow ties – the essential accessories that perfect a man’s image in all situations from business meetings to special occasions. A wide range of stylish, pure silk ties ensure perfect coordination, and the choice of colours and designs beautifully highlight personality and individuality. The stain-resistant finish gives effective protection from accidental marks.


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Ties, pocket handkerchiefs, bow ties Stylish accessories for the perfect look

Stylish and timeless – the harmonious combination of tie with shirt and suit. In everyday business situations a tie is a sure sign of a smart, well-groomed appearance and the mark of a real gentleman. Harmoniously colour coordinated ties skillfully emphasise the wearer’s personality and individuality with elegance and subtlety.

The designs and colours of OLYMP ties and pocket squares complement the range of OLYMP business shirts beautifully. A business outfit is perfected by the harmonious choice of a tie and the statement offered by a well-chosen pocket square. 

The outer fabric of OLYMP ties and pocket squaes is made from extremely fine pure silk yarn. This fine fabric is finished using BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a stain-repellent technique characterised by the “lotus effect”, whereby dirt forms beads and runs off the surface like water from a lotus petal. In many cases, drops of sauce, coffee or water, or the results of other accidents, can simply be shaken off or dabbed from the tie without leaving a trace. 

The natural properties of silk and the intensity of its colours are undiminished by the finishing process, and its natural shimmer enhances the elegance of the ties and pocket squares. 

The stain-repellent finish complies with the comprehensive human ecological requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

The ties are protected from creases and wrinkles by a wool insert, and have a viscose lining that makes the knot easy to tie and undo. 

They are available in classic single colours, complemented by classic tie stripes and a wide choice of minimalist prints with checks, dots, diamonds and paisleys which offer plenty of alternatives for daily combinations with the OLYMP business shirt. The ties come in narrow and standard widths. 

OLYMP ties are ideally suited to all the usual forms of tie knots – the simple four-in-hand, suitable for all tie and collar styles, and the universal Pratt knot, invented by American Jerry Pratt, which is distinguished by the fact that the tie is turned to the left when beginning to tie the knot. The good hold of OLYMP ties also makes them perfect for the business classic, the Half Windsor. The symmetrical, voluminous shape of the stately Windsor Knot, named after Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, requires a little practice. This tie knot is especially suited to wide collars such as the cutaway collar. 

The range of OLYMP men’s accessories also includes 100% cotton pre-tied bow ties to give any shirt that distinctive finish for special occasions. Weddings or gala dinners – with a bow tie, the well-groomed man demonstrates his ability to bring the perfect touch of flair to a stylish wardrobe. The bow tie is not confined to special occasions: in the business environment it can replace the classic tie to make a strong, self-confident statement.