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Finest Italian fabric. Hand-rolled edges.

The OLYMP pocket square is a style element of the contemporary man’s wardrobe and the mark of a true gentleman. The exquisitely tailored accessory harmonizes perfectly with the OLYMP shirts and ties.

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OLYMP pocket square

When it comes to demonstrating an exceptional flair for style, men in OLYMP can’t fail to impress with one of these stunning pocket squares. No other accessory in the contemporary man’s wardrobe reflects such a passion for detail as the 33 x 33 centimetre pocket square from OLYMP. At the same time, the pocket square is seen as the unmistakeable mark of a true gentleman. Exuding style and sophistication with hand-rolled edges, it adds a very special touch of elegance to every outfit. To achieve a coherent overall look, the pocket square coordinates perfectly with the wedding, gala and business shirts, as well as the ties and bow ties from the extensive OLYMP product range.


Whilst the pocket handkerchief was originally used by gentlemen to dry the tears of a female companion, it subsequently went out of favour for being somewhat conservative and antiquated. However, in recent times this style element has made a comeback and is once again adorning the breast pockets of the jackets, sports jackets and blazers worn by fashion-conscious men. What's more, the previously muted colours have been replaced by bolder colours and exciting patterns. Furthermore, these trendy decorative handkerchiefs have developed from being merely an accessory for formal evening wear into a statement piece for almost any occasion. This means that they are not just worn as a subtle finishing touch with a smart suit, but also as a flamboyant expression of style with a casual outfit.


When it comes to colours and patterns, men in OLYMP are spoilt for choice. The classic, plain white pocket square is of course always an important feature in the range. However, with shades like pink, light green, royal and ice blue on offer, the bold colour palette of the OLYMP pocket squares offers men in OLYMP a whole variety of exuberant options. Many styles combine these vibrant colours with exciting patterns. Stripes, dots, paisley or camouflage, however courageous you are, or whatever design you prefer, one thing is guaranteed - your OLYMP pocket square will provide an immaculate finishing touch to your outfit and become a favourite accessory.


Of course, with this huge choice of designs it is also important to know how to coordinate the pocket square harmoniously with the rest of your outfit. If you want to create a coherent look, you should choose ties and pocket squares in the same pattern. You can go one step further by combining a pocket square and tie in the same colour but in a different pattern. The fans of this versatile accessory who are the most confident about their style, can even create a very dapper look by matching their pocket square with their shirt or socks.


In addition to the exceptional style choice, men in OLYMP can’t fail to be impressed with the exquisite fabric of these “pochettes” as they are called in French. The finest Italian fabric made from exceptionally fine, pure silk threads adds an additional touch of elegance to any outfit. These intricately crafted accessories have a special finish which offers increased protection against dirt and stains. And finally, there are many different ways to fold a pocket square - allowing men in OLYMP to express their individual style even further. These include the square fold, the triangle fold, the crown and the puff fold.