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Pre-tied. Noble design.

An OLYMP bow tie complements any shirt. Particularly at social gatherings. But in a business environment the bow tie can also be effortlessly transformed into a classic tie to make a confident fashion statement.

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OLYMP bow tie Stylish bow ties made from.

Pure silk. Men in OLYMP like to think outside the box. Most particularly, when it comes to choosing the right accessory to wear with a shirt. OLYMP bow ties exude confidence and provide a whole range of possibilities for creating a very stylish look. Bow ties provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit - regardless of whether they are worn as part of the dress code at a formal event or to create a touch of extravagance in the office. Perfectly coordinated with the wedding and gala shirts, as well as the OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Level Five and OLYMP No. Six business shirts, whatever the combination, OLYMP bow ties make a confident fashion statement every time.


In the past, when the formal dress code was still very strict, there was one golden rule: a black silk tie was always worn with a smoking jacket to create a harmonious combination with the silk lapels. This fashion has changed over time and so too the interpretation of a formal look. Men now have more freedom in their choice of accessories. They can take advantage of this new fashion freedom and wear their bow tie to create an individual style. With sophisticated variations in colour, pattern and width. And OLYMP bow ties don’t just provide a visual highlight when worn with a smoking jacket at a formal event. When you wear a bow tie for business, you’ll stand out with confidence and style from the crowd of tie wearers and be acknowledged with respect by those who appreciate a flair for fashion.


These days bow ties are sometimes associated with a certain sense of nonconformity and a free-thinking spirit. An excellent reason for men in OLYMP to wear one. Who wants to opt for the monotony of stereotypical menswear when they can choose a highly individual look instead? Another good reason for wearing a bow tie is the variety of patterns and colours on offer. Whether you choose red, black, grey or marine. Spotted, striped, checked or fashionable paisley. The selection of styles available in both the classic and slim designs will allow you to coordinate these bow ties harmoniously with virtually every pocket square or lapel.


When it comes to the quality of fabric, the bow ties in the OLYMP collections are certainly on a par with the ties. They are made from 100% silk and, on the question of style, no other fabric comes close. The pure silk yarns are extremely fine and have a visual appeal which is in a league of its own. In addition to its exceptional appearance, this exquisite fabric also offers an increased resistance to stains. It has a stain-resistant finish which enables the wearer in many cases to simply shake or dab off any splashes of sauce, coffee or grease from the bow tie. And even without any marks being left behind. If the stain is more stubborn, it can be treated with a cloth soaked in spirit or cleaner's solvent. However, it is important here to remove the stain by carefully dabbing the fabric and never by rubbing.


Finally, a small tip for men who dread having to tie a bow tie. As all variations of OLYMP bow ties are pre-tied, men in OLYMP can be confident that theirs will be tied to perfection. They can be easily adjusted to any collar size. Once the bow tie is in position, people will be hard pushed to detect that it hasn’t been tied by hand. What they will immediately notice instead is its exceptional visual appeal and fabric quality.