Premium Design. Stain resistant.

Premium OLYMP ties made of pure silk, perfectly coordinated in design and colour with the business shirts. The stain-resistant finish effectively protects against staining. In normal, narrow and super slim widths.

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OLYMP ties The stylish finishing touch to the business outfit

Men in OLYMP don’t do things by halves. They are aware at all times of the importance of a well-groomed appearance and of the impression this makes. This applies to both business and leisure. And always to exclusive evening events. It goes without saying that, in line with the specific occasion, an outfit will only achieve sophisticated perfection through the addition of an expertly arranged tie. The great advantage of OLYMP ties is that they are perfectly coordinated with the business shirts and gala shirts, and as a result serve to enhance these even further. Whether you choose an OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Tendenz, OLYMP Level Five, OLYMP No. Six, or the exceptionally elegant OLYMP Soirée, you’ll find a perfect tie to coordinate with every shirt. The choice of tie is also an opportunity for men in OLYMP to express their flair for fashion.


An important factor here is the width of tie. It is essential that you choose a width of tie that suits your own build and personal clothing style. Therefore slim men with a trim physique (OLYMP No. Six) tend to choose narrower models, whilst broader styles of ties compliment larger physiques in particular (OLYMP Luxor comfort fit). In order to meet the diverse range of demands to the greatest possible extent, OLYMP ties are available in three different widths: from regular (7 cm), to slim (6 cm) right through to super slim (5 cm) and this means that there’s a perfect style to suit every man. In addition to anatomical considerations, the choice of tie also always depends on the individual fashion taste.


Tie knots are another important factor. Depending on the face shape and the style of tie, in certain cases, some ties knots may be more suitable than others. The shirt collar design, in particular, is important when it comes to selecting the most suitable tie knot. If there is enough space between the collar points, as there is for example in the case of a cutaway collar, a broad tie knot fits in perfectly with the overall look. On the other hand, the urban Kent looks great with a smaller tie knot.


When it comes to pattern and colour, the experts sometimes advise matching the pattern to the face shape and the colour to the personality or mood. Others take a more pragmatic approach and recommend simply trusting your own judgement. The good news is - OLYMP ties cover the whole spectrum. Both in terms of colours and patterns. This means that regardless of whether you’re following the advice of a professional, or your own preferences, when it comes to colour, every man in OLYMP can find the tie which suits him perfectly.


A high quality and stylish tie is made mainly from silk. The outer fabric of most OLYMP ties are made from extremely fine, pure silk threads. What’s more, each individual tie is intricately finished by hand. A wool insert ensures good recovery from creasing and wrinkling. The lining which runs continuously from the tip to the narrow end, not only makes it easy to tie and untie the knot, it also guarantees a high quality feel. In addition, a special BIONIC-FINISH® ECO creates the “lotus effect”, which provides the ties with increased resistance to stains. This means that many types of dirt will form beads and simply run off the surface. In many cases, splashes of sauce, coffee or grease can be shaken off or dabbed off the tie without leaving any marks.


Finally, here are a few useful tips. After the tie has been worn, the knot should always be undone and the tie should be rolled up and stored in a wardrobe to allow recovery from creasing. Otherwise unattractive wrinkles can occur or the tie can lose its shape over time. When delicate accessories have been worn, they should not be worn again for at least a day to maintain their shape.