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A blue shirt creates the perfect look not just for business but also for leisure. Whether the style is sophisticated and elegant or casual and sporty, OLYMP’s range of blue shirts has something to suit every taste and every occasion.

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Blue shirts from OLYMP

Stylish business classics with impressive leisure appeal

Men in OLYMP like to have a choice when it comes to the colour of their shirts. This applies to their office wear as well. In addition to white, blue is the most important colour for business shirts. And OLYMP is proud to offer men an extremely wide selection of shades and designs in this colour.


With the vast range of options available, men in OLYMP will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect blue shirt for their requirements. A blue shirt creates the ideal look not only for business but also for leisure. Whether the style is sophisticated and elegant or casual and sporty, the range of blue shirts from OLYMP has something to suit every taste and every occasion. What’s more, when we say blue we don’t just mean one colour, we actually mean many different shades, such as royal, ice blue and midnight blue, to mention just a few.


The most important is light blue. This business classic has always placed the spotlight firmly on a stylish appearance for men in meetings and in the boardroom, creating an authentic yet confident presence. Making it a much sought-after colour for business shirts as it conveys an extremely professional image. Even the dark blue variations are becoming very popular - when combined with the appropriate suit, they convey a sense of elegance and contemporary flair.


In addition to the many different shades, OLYMP offers blue shirts in a whole range of designs. Plain, spotted or checked - men in OLYMP will never get bored with having to wear the same old pattern. And when it comes to the weave of the fabric, that is to say the way in which the threads are interlaced with each other, you don’t have to be limited to just one design. Weaves such as poplin, chambray, fil á fil, faux uni, herringbone, and jacquard offer tremendous scope for creating the perfectly stylish look.


Men don’t just want a wide choice of designs. They want shirts that fit properly. The individual OLYMP shirt ranges guarantee the optimum fit for any build. OLYMP Level Five, OLYMP Level Five Casual and OLYMP No. Six are the best options for slimmer men. The tapered cut of the body fit and super slim ranges showcases the athletic physique to perfection. In contrast, the OLYMP Luxor comfort fit and OLYMP Tendenz impress with their looser fit and therefore greater freedom of movement. And with OLYMP Luxor modern fit and OLYMP Casual there are even more styles to choose from.


The OLYMP SIGNATURE premium range with its tailored cut is available in single sizes, in contrast to the other styles which are generally available in double sizes. This means that the shirt fits perfectly - as if tailor-made.