How Gerard Butler and the Californian lifestyle inspire us.

Mark Bezner, owner and CEO of OLYMP Bezner KG, explains this strategic decision: “With the 2020 Spring Collection, we are reaching a new level. Gerard Butler is becoming the face of the entire OLYMP brand – and therefore the representative of the values on which OLYMP products are based such as integrity, independence and the highest standards we expect of ourselves. What's more, Gerard Butler embodies the new OLYMP brand claim MY STYLE. MY STATEMENT. This slogan communicates our brand identity and the promise to our customers that, with OLYMP products, they won’t just exude a sense of style, but also an inner confidence. An attitude that is reflected in the conscious decision to choose OLYMP products and the fulfilment of a growing customer demand for its quality of fabric, exceptional workmanship and responsible production.“


Gerard Butler is really under pressure on set with photos, costume changes and styling. But it’s only the others that appear to be stressed. Butler himself seems like the proverbial rock on which the waves of hustle and bustle break. The location: a house in the Santa Monica Mountains. Between two scene changes, he finds time for a few words on the terrace. A conversation more between friends than business partners.

/ / MARK BEZNER Are we putting too much pressure on you?

/ / GERARD  BUTLER laughs) Me? Not at all! I find working here on the set almost like being in heaven! And, you know why? Because I can be myself. I have no script. I don’t have to immerse myself in a role. And I’ve even got somebody to lay out my clothes.

/ / MARK  BEZNER Fortunately, as an actor you’re stress-proof.

/ / GERARD  BUTLER I actually believe that’s one of the most important qualities for an actor. It’s less about the stress itself. It’s the switch between waiting for hours and then those brief moments when you have to be completely there. Of course, you also need a bit of acting talent. (smiles) (lächelt)

/ / MARK BEZNER After all, we came to you for this shoot.p>


/ / MARK BEZNER California, and above all the coast, has something really special about it. Something that you can’t describe exactly. It’s an attitude to life ... but it’s more than that. Here you have the Dream Factory on one side and the largest tech firms in the world on the other. And they probably have more to do with each other than people think. There’s just something very special in the air here, a mixture of imagination and can-do mentality. Unique..

/ / GERARD  BUTLER You’ve lived here, too, haven’t you?p>

/ / MARK BEZNER I studied in L.A. It was important for me back then to experience other things. New horizons. At that time, I was already very aware of the direction in which my life was going to go. And then I thought to myself: If you have your goals so precisely in view, you can choose the best possible starting point.


// GERARD BUTLER I wonder if it was the same with you when you came here. What fascinated me was the incredible openness of the people here. The curiosity. The willingness to try things. You hardly meet anyone here who’ll say: That’s not possible. We’ve never done things that way before, and we’re not doing them that way now. No, here the idea is just one step before the action. It may sound kitschy, but it also gives a lot of freedom. We just talked about the similarities between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

// MARK BEZNER Maybe that’s to do with the history. When it came to colonising the American West, California was the ultimate destination..

/ / GERARD BUTLER Do you mean that only optimists would have travelled this far? You could be right. It would at least explain why there are more dreamers here than anywhere else in the world.

/ / MARK BEZNER And more pioneers.

/ / GERARD BUTLER Yes, there is possibly something in that.

/ / MARK BEZNER Do you now feel you’re a Californian?

/ / GERARD BUTLER ( laughs) At heart, I remain a Scot. But I’ve found a new home and I love living here. This has a lot to do with the openness of the people here, which we mentioned earlier. Here people don’t look at me sideways when my Scottish humour breaks out. On the other hand, I probably still view this country with different eyes compared to those people who were born and raised here. I mean, this incredible light and the blue of the Pacific – it’s constantly a revelation for someone used to fog and rain. And, of course, the food.

/ / MARK BEZNER Is that important to you?

/ / GERARD BUTLER You mean that because I’m from the British Isles, I’m not exactly pampered in this respect? Yes, it’s very important to me. I love Californian cuisine. It’s like the whole state. Colourful, diverse, full of different influences. Mexican, Asian and European traditions mix here. And it’s typically Californian not to be constricted by these traditions, but to be inspired by them. This isn’t just about what you eat. It’s also about how. Californians love to eat together from large platters. Do you know what I mean? Being together is just as important here as eating. Maybe even more important. That’s a great attitude, I think.

/ / MARK BEZNER Dangerous if you want to wear fitted shirts.

/ / GERARD BUTLER Oh, not necessarily. Here people attach great importance to healthy, fresh and unprocessed food. Certainly more than anywhere else in the States. With all their laissez-faire approach to life, people here live very mindfully. They pay a lot of attention to the quality and origin of the things they consume. And that applies not just to food, but also ...

/ / MARK BEZNER ... to clothes?

/ / GERARD BUTLER Yes, of course, clothes too. For instance, I have looked in detail into how you ensure that your products are manufactured fairly and sustainably.

/ / MARK BEZNER And did we pass your inspection?

/ / GERARD BUTLER (points to himself) Well, you can see what I’m wearing!

An assistant rolls a clothes rail with outfits past the terrace door.

/ / GERARD BUTLER Oh, we’re ready to go. Looks like there’s work to be done. Get yourself ready for a costume change!

/ / MARK BEZNER Scottish humour?

/ / GERARD BUTLER (laughs) Scottish humour with a Californian background.


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