Which way to the beach – and how do we get there?


Looks for perfect summer days
Fancy a day at the seaside? Sometimes a pair of swimming trunks combined with flip-flops and a t-shirt just won't cut it. For instance, if you want to cover up a bit when it's not the weather for swimming. Or if you want to visit a restaurant that's not made of bamboo and palm leaves. Or if you want to take a stroll that requires more than bare feet or flip-flops. No problem. There are plenty of options.

OLYMP Short Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeve shirts seem to polarise the fashion world. Ultimately, though, only one thing matters: You have to know how to wear them. Patterned short-sleeved shirts are for casual wear only, not tucked in, and with the top button open. Speaking of legwear: Dark blue shorts go well with floral prints on a light background and are a cool solution for hot summer days.

OLYMP T-shirt

You want a perfectly stylish look with a t-shirt? No problem. Beige shorts can be combined with a sporty, colour-block t-shirt. Plus light-coloured sneakers – but definitely no (visible) socks.


For when the day at the beach club turns into an evening in the city: With this combination, you'll be perfectly prepared. The dark polo shirt and light trousers look sporty and casual, as well as providing a certain touch of elegance.