Say “YES” to a less conventional look... 

Celebrating your wedding with a small circle of family and friends can still be the most special day in your life. Focus on the essential: the love between two people.
You can also adapt your look accordingly. Dress how you feel. Festive. Special. But completely yourselves.

Casual: OLYMP Level Five Smart Business

Saying your vows surrounded by nature is absolutely in vogue.
Under the canopy of a spreading oak tree. In a courtyard. Or by a lake. Such a carefree – but by no means careless – departure from tradition requires an overall concept. No sophisticated table decorations – instead arrangements with random elements from nature. No rented stretch limo – in fact, some couples have been seen arriving on bicycles. And in terms of look, the fit is crucial. The style can certainly be informal, but it has to fit perfectly. Restrained, coordinated natural tones appear casually elegant. And the detail on the back gives a certain added extra.

Classic: OLYMP Level Five

Classic – but with more than a touch of extravagance.
The OLYMP Level Five Soirée shirt goes perfectly with the navy-coloured suit and is excitingly combined with a floral bowtie and matching braces. Here you can make use of all the traditional elements and reinterpret them in a new, cool and confident manner. Classic, but in no way boring. And if you want to go ultra-modern – lose the socks! Sneaker socks peeking out of formal shoes are an absolute no-no anywhere near the registrar's office. It's better to go barefoot and use appropriate insoles in your shoes.