The most special of days – Different looks for different weddings

Weddings are definitely on-trend. They are the perfect opportunity to showcase the most stylish of wedding fashion.
But for a long time, there has been a whole variety of different looks that can be worn on the Big Day.
The groom will always be the man of the moment in the perfect OLYMP shirt.

Black tie

Black tie is a dress code that makes no compromises. The groom wears a black tuxedo and black bow tie with a white OLYMP gala shirt featuring a turn-down collar or a wing collar. A concealed button panel and double cuffs provide the perfect finishing touches which are particularly elegant 

Classic wedding

Casual wedding

The Casual Wedding look is becoming increasingly popular, with the happy couple often opting for an outdoor ceremony.
Here, the formal shirt is a MUST for the groom, again with a bow tie, but ultimately it’s his choice. So, we leave the rest up to him.
And if he wants to wear turned-up chinos and boots, then that’s fine by us. 

Beach wedding

There’s also the beach wedding, which is a statement in itself. Here, the approach is much more laid-back and relaxed.
But the groom will always look exceptionally stylish in an OLYMP Level Five Smart Business linen shirt.