So fresh & so clean: Linen

    So fresh & so clean: Linen

    Especially in summer, there is nothing better than linen. Light and airy on the skin, you don't sweat in it and are instantly reminded of your last summer holiday. We prove to you that linen shirts don't just look good on a beach bar in Italy.  

    When should I reach for linen?

    Linen has long been socially acceptable round the clock - you can wear it in the office, when relaxing with friends or for a fine occasion such as a wedding. Especially for more formal meetings, we recommend linen stand-up collar shirts. This looks casual, yet still maintains a certain style. 

    What’s new?

    Brand new in our range, the linen polo shirt - striped or plain in pastel shades. Here too, you have the choice of either a hip style with patterned short trousers or as a monochrome look suitable for business wear with shirt and long trousers in one colour. 

    Have you decided yet? Polo or stand-up collar? Striped or monochrome? With us you have the choice - coolness is guaranteed.