The trend of the summer: maritime prints

The maritime look has been on the horizon for some time and has now landed in our wardrobes and on the front pages.
The basic tones are, hardly surprisingly, navy and white, often with accents in warm colours. Maritime prints interpret the theme – sometimes playfully, sometimes more straightforwardly.
What they all have in common is their fresh summer appeal! 
Light background: 
Maritime all-over print on a light background, which makes for a fresher and more vibrant look. Light washed-out jeans go perfectly with the shirt. Choose belts and shoes in brown – black would look too harsh and detract from the lightness of the ensemble.
Dark background: 
A creative design set against a more serious background. The colourful maritime print makes an attractive contrast with the dark blue. Choose trousers and jeans in classic colours. The number-one rule is that the shirt should be the most striking part of your outfit. Therefore, select your understated accessories with care.