As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Málaga isn’t just rich in history, but also has a cool mix of pulsing tourist life and chill Mediterranean vibes. Located on the Costa del Sol, the region is spoiled with over 300 sunny days per year. No wonder it’s one of the most popular destinations in Andalusia.
In the heart of Málaga is the old town, Centro Histórico, a place where you can easily lose your ori-entation in its charming labyrinth of narrow streets. A stylish attribute to get lost in has to be our new linen overshirt, in a washed twill structure.


One word comes to mind when you stroll down the port promenade: futuristic! Where “Muelle Uno” meets “Muelle Dos” you will find a small counterpart to the Parisian art museum “Centre Pompi-dou”. Situated in the eye-catching building “El Cubo”.