Connecting the old town of Ronda with the newer districts is the photogenic stone bridge “Puente Nuevo”. It has become the symbol of Ronda and its beauty has been the inspiration for many fa-mous authors like Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles. A filmed version of the opera “Carmen” was also filmed in Ronda.
Known as “the end of the world”, the amazing view from Mirador de Ronda is one that you just have to experience. From a small metal balcony that extends over the cliffs, a landscape that will leave you awestruck spreads in all directions.
Like the fortified wine sherry being an obvious part of Andalusia, the indigo shirt has an equally nat-ural place in any collection. Taking the development a step further, not only with different plains and jacquards, we are, with our spring/summer collection 2022, also launching our indigo overshirt, washed to perfection.