The ultimate roll neck

The roll neck is a fashion theme that should be an essential item in any well organised wardrobe. A confident style that has always been recognised. But now, as an important basic, more popular than ever before. In addition, there’s one thing it can do better than any other garment -  it can keep you warm, when it’s draughty. A versatile item that can play two main roles.
When worn solo it offers great scope for combination. A plain roll neck pullover, for example in grey with a little structure, provides the perfect complement to jeans. In combination, its simplicity offers an unrivalled look that exudes stylish confidence.
A smooth and light roll neck pullover without structure looks best under a shirt. Stylishly confident and wonderfully warm. You just need to choose the colour combination carefully. For example, a dark red shirt is the perfect partner for a neutral, yet modern and autumnal grey tone.