Layered look

    Layered look

    Scraping the car windows clear in the morning in sub-zero temperatures. Then into the overheated office, at midday into the sunshine, and in the evening into the cold again after sport. What’s the right thing to do in terms of your wardrobe in this case? The answer: everything. And even a little more. The layered look is the solution. And it’s more popular than ever.

    For frost lovers

    You don’t mind clear, cold days and long evenings? In that case, more muted shades are your favourites. Khaki, for instance, here in the form of a comfortable shirt. That shades like these supposedly make for a dull complexion – you smile and counter this with a radiant dark blue: your blazer is worn slightly oversized, your trousers may be a little narrower, but not tight! You can then get extravagant with your choice of sneakers. Your perfect, smart-casual look is ready.

    For fans of spring

    When the sun shines, do you? If so, then lighter colours are your choice. Still, the rule is: basics first. So rather monochrome than patterned and rather muted than garish. The season’s first must-have: a jumper in a fresh berry shade. As far as shapes are concerned, spring heralds a new era. Styles are getting straighter, longer and wider. Casual, almost calculatedly careless – and extremely comfortable. A white T-shirt can peek out at the hem and collar. Light-coloured sneakers are and remain the reference point in terms of footwear.