De perfecte combinatie


    „Self-Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it.“ We totally agree with you Gerard! And if you don’t feel like you have enough self-confidence we can help you with that. Thanks to its premium materials and excellent cut, OLYMP grants you the boost of self-confidence that’s missing. Rock it, own it and live it with OLYMP of course!

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Gerard Butler´s Choice.

Is @gerardbutler admiring Central Park or is he thinking about how amazing this OLYMP turtleneck looks on him? If it’s latter we don’t mind at all! He has every right to think that, because he looks absolutely classy in it. And so do you! Thanks to the super-soft merino virgin wool in a finegrip jersey texture, intense color scale with silky shimmer and the slightly tailored modern fit everybody can look as amazing in it as Gerard does. 

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    With every style you chose you also make a statement. How every style looks different, every statement is too. With OLYMP that style is elegance combined with quality and touches of casual to be the perfect clothing piece for every occasion. Now what’s your statement while wearing OLYMP? Let us know in the comments below.

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    @ericgauthier_official showing us his elegant moves. Always present: the OLYMP 24/SEVEN DYNAMIC-FLEX-JERSEY ALL-TIME-SHIRT in black. Paired with black pants and white shoes it makes every outfit stylishly complete.

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    Having elegance, body control and skill are important aspects of ballet. Being breathable, easy to iron, quick dry, odour absorbing and extremely stretchable are important aspects of a shirt, but what shirt has all these benefits? Ours of course! All 24/SEVEN DYNAMIC-FLEX-JERSEY ALL-TIME-SHIRTS fulfill these requirements. Amazing right?

#olympmen #mystylemystatement #mensfashion #24seven #olympbattle
    Bring it on! Eric is ready for his second battle. Thanks to our 24/SEVEN DYNAMIC-FLEX-JERSEY ALL-TIME-SHIRT he’s also prepared in terms of fashion and freedom of movements. Let’s get this battle started then, shall we?! 😎

#olympmen #mystylemystatement #mensfashion #24seven #olympbattle